What to Consider with Open Work Spaces

Many companies get excited about open workspaces, the latest workplace trend. When considering an upfit project for your company’s workspace, consider the pros and cons of converting to an open workspace.

Benefits and Challenges of an Open Work Space

An open workspace is a transition out of boring cubicles. It promotes inter-departmental communication between employees. Removing walls makes it easier for employees to ask questions, work together, or gather to share ideas. An open, collaborative environment is especially beneficial for creative fields. Employees often feel a stronger sense of community when they can visualize others working with them toward a common goal. The feeling of unity in an open workspace can be invaluable.

However, if the industry focuses on individual productivity instead of teamwork, open space may be more of a distraction than an advantage. Cubicles or offices allow employees to focus without visual distractions. Noise can also affect an employee’s ability to work in an open space because it is hard to control. As many as 70% of people working in an open-work environment are not satisfied with noise levels.

Getting the Layout Right

If you find the pros of an open workspace outweigh the cons for your business, give Ben Stout Construction a call. As experts in commercial upfit, Ben Stout Construction will consider your company’s needs and expertly transform your workspace into an open area that supports communication and creativity. A Ben Stout Construction upfit will take your business to the next level.

Ben Stout Construction can help determine what the best layout is for your space and needs. Contact us at 910-779-0019 to set up an appointment.

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