Metal Studs vs Wood Studs

When it comes to remodeling your home or commercial projects, there are a lot of different types of studs, but you’ll find that there are mainly two types: wood and metal.

While some may boast that steel studs have every advantage over wood, there are a surprising
amount of benefits that come from using a traditional, sturdy wooden stud. There’s still a lot of
demand for them in the industry.

Interested in finding out what really sets wooden studs apart from their steel counterparts?

Check out the following list of pros below:

Pros of Wooden Studs
• Wooden studs are stronger than metal studs. Surprisingly, the lighter versions of steel studs
can only be used on interior, non-load-bearing walls. Contractors advise against using steel
when hanging things like kitchen cabinets doorways, and frames.
• Wooden studs are easier to cut. All you need to cut lumber is a saw, and it can easily be
molded and shaped into whatever size you need.
• Wood lasts a long time. Wood has been a reliable product for centuries and can be easily
replaced if damaged or worn.

Cons of Wooden Studs
• Wood can warp and rot.
• Overall, they are harder to protect when exposed to water or humidity.
• Wood is more expensive than steel.

Pros of Metal Studs
• Steel studs will never warp or rot. Unlike wood, they do not wear and tear over time and you
can rely on steel studs to remain straight and sturdy indefinitely.
• Steel studs are lighter than wood. This makes them easier to maintain once they are installed.
• Steel studs are not subject to termites or fire. Steel is fire-proof and there is nothing for
termites to eat, so you won’t need to worry about your studs becoming food.

Cons of Metal Studs
• Steel is a lot more difficult to cut and shape than wood. Metal cutting saws are available, but
they can be very dangerous if used by a non-professional.
• Metal studs can be more expensive to install.

It’s your choice whether you want to stick with traditional wood or venture into more reliable
metal. There are clear advantages and certain disadvantages to both, and not all projects can
accommodate one or the other.

Think about the project you’re working on. These plans can weigh heavily on your decisionmaking
process. While steel studs are affordable, durable, and fireproof, wooden studs are a
strong and reliable classic that prove essential for certain tasks.