Make Your Office Space Healthier

An office environment has an impact on employee health and wellbeing. Office design should put more focus on creating healthier workspaces considering many people spend so many hours in the office. Here are a few things to do to make the workplace better for your employee’s health and wellbeing.

1. Prioritize Natural Light
Lighting, both natural and artificial, is a crucial component in productivity and employee health. Having exposure to natural light directly impacts an employee’s mood, behavior, and hormonal balance. There’s a lot you can do to optimize natural light in the workplace, including optimizing your office space layout to improve the distribution of daylight.

2. Improve Electric Lighting
It’s essential to have a good electric lighting system, even in workplaces where daylight is available. Having a variety of color temperatures present can go a long way in improving the lighting atmosphere of the office. A lighting designer can work with your existing installation to revamp your lighting to fit your current needs.

3. Ventilate
Proper ventilation is the most effective approach to providing acceptable indoor air. Clean, airy, well-ventilated spaces for employees should be ranked as high as ergonomic workstations. Research has shown that offices with increased ventilation have lower levels of air pollutants and result in better employee performance.

4. Provide Space for Break Areas
Even the smallest office can make room for a makeshift break area. A change of environment will counter the negative effects of technology and give your brain and body a much-needed break that helps spark creative insights.

There is little doubt that buildings are particularly crucial to our health. Let Ben Stout Construction add a healthy focus to your office. To learn more about our office renovation capabilities, visit us online at or contact us at 910-779-0019.

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